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Do you find yourself in the same bad situations, and you want out? Are you being taken advantage of?

You may find your solutions in Nature!


Examples of every decision, situation, even feeling can be found in Nature. In Nature, blessings, consequences, and other outcomes can be carefully observed and examined. Understanding Nature and being able to apply it to ourselves and our problems can help us to create a better life.


As an Acupuncturist, I have witnessed many of my clients become adept at applying these natural laws to improve the quality of their life and health. These principles can be used to heal health issues, past traumas, re-balance relationships…live life. I consider the Five Elements to be the eloquent operations manual for human beings.


Acupuncturist Mwangaza Brown’s services are simply wonderful. She is knowledgeable. She educates and heals. She takes her time with you to explain the services and the treatment that are given… Mwangaza Brown is not only informative, she is compassionate, empathetic and sensitive to your individual needs.

OAN, Client

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Five Elements of Life: Mathematics of the Soul is not just a compilation of the many lessons of Nature, but also shows the reader how easy it is to adopt Nature as one's personal teacher.

Self-Help Book



Mathematics of the Soul

Clients have asked me for information about the Five Elements. They have told me that my pragmatic approach has been a tremendous help to them, and they wanted to know more.


The Five Elements is about common sense. Its correspondences must make sense to each individual. The Five Elements for Life is a starting point for readers to begin to think about how the observations of Nature can inform their daily lives.

Combinations of the elements can be used to describe any situation—around us, within us, or for us. The order for the 5 elements was documented thousands of years ago. You will see how to use these age-old verses for your well-being.

The Creation Cycle

  • Wood creates Fire by burning

  • Fire creates Earth from ashes

  • Earth creates Metal by hardening

  • Metal creates Water by containing

  • Water creates Wood by nourishing


The Control Cycle

  • Fire controls Metal by melting

  • Metal controls Wood by cutting

  • Wood controls Earth by covering

  • Earth controls Water by damming

  • Water controls Fire by extinguishing


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Stephanie Mwangaza Brown, L.Ac

Stephanie M. Brown has been a health practitioner for over 25 years. In her private practice, Ms. Brown provides acupuncture treatments, herbal medicine and Reiki treatments. She has been a member of a psychiatric treatment team that addresses mental health issues wholistically. She addresses chronic health concerns including digestive, respiratory, or circulatory problems, headaches, insomnia, female disorders, and medically unidentified conditions. She helps her clients create ease where there was dis-ease, and a free flow of chi (energy) where there was stuckness. She partners with her clients to identify how they can maintain that free flow in the face of the challenges of life.

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