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Word As Needle Workshop Series

Living with good character is essential for building strong relationships and achieving success. But in today's corporate society, it can take time to maintain these principles. That's where the 5-element system comes into play. Based on the principles of nature, this system provides a guide for elevating your consciousness above everyday thinking, allowing you to develop a long-range vision and strategy that directs you to success while preserving good character.

Previously, only a select few individuals and communities set economic and political ideologies and strategies. But today, there is a greater opportunity for many strong and directed individuals to make an impact. By practicing the principles of the 5-element system, you can act with integrity, decisiveness, power, and generosity and become a respected and admired member of your community.

Join our workshop and learn how to apply the 5-element system to your life. Discover how to use nature's principles to guide your actions and elevate your consciousness while maintaining good character. Our experienced facilitators will guide you through exercises and discussions to help you understand and apply these principles in your daily life. Take advantage of this opportunity to improve your life and become a powerful force for good in your community.

Word As Needle Workshop Series
The 5-day intensive

For each of the 5 Elements, we will spend the first half of the day:

  1. Discussing the attributes of the Element

  2. Discussing the impact of the Element guided by clinical experience

  3. Discussing the way emotion and other virtues of the Element can facilitate positive change

  4. Examining disharmonies of the Element

  5. Understanding how the Element influences key concepts

The second half of the day is dedicated to experiencing the Element through:

  1. Individual assessment to create a Word as Needle treatment plan

  2. Participating in a community (meaning other workshop participants) ritual to experience the healing properties of the Element

  3. Designing a solution that the community agrees will heal and address a presented problem

Summary of the elements and their domains:

  1. Fire: Ancestors, vision, passion, compassion, intuition, dreams, initiative, devotion, action

  2. Earth: Mothering, home, nurture, belonging, family

  3. Mineral: Memory, community, communicating, and learning is really remembering

  4. Water: Gestation, cleansing, reconciliation, flow, peace

  5. Nature: Change, transformation, authenticity


Who Your facilitators are:

Ms. Stephanie Mwangaza Brown

Ms. Stephanie Mwangaza Brown has been a health practitioner for 16 years and has offices in Silver Spring and Greenbelt, Maryland. She holds a master’s degree in Acupuncture, a Reiki Master Teacher certificate, a BS in Mathematics, and certifications in herbalism, color therapy, Kirlian photography, and cosmetic facial rejuvenation. Over the last 25 years, Ms. Brown has developed her healing presence under the tutelage of spiritualists, natural healers, and shamans. Her teaching background is as a corporate course developer and workshop presenter. In 2021, Ms. Brown published a book entitled Five Elements for Life.


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