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Five Elements of Life: Mathematics of the Soul

Discover the Ancient Art of Self-Healing and Restore Balance to Your Mind, Body, and Soul

Five Elements of Life: Mathematics of the Soul is not just a compilation of the many lessons of Nature, but also shows the reader how easy it is to adopt Nature as one's personal teacher.​

As a five-element acupuncturist, Ms. Brown introduced her clients to the profound diagnostic system of the Five Elements—Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water. She taught the system's tenets to many during their acupuncture sessions and has seen clients' migraines, stomach problems, muscle-tendon issues, problem supervisors, financial issues, relationship troubles, anxiety, and depression, to name a few, heal. As the master problem solver and solution maker, this nature-based diagnostic system can transform chaos into clarity.

 The guidance of the Five Elements empowers us to break free from the negative cycles in life. The Elements give us a newfound understanding of our emotions and our patterns. By making changes and adjustments to ourselves, we heal and find balance, leading to a more positive and joyful life experience.


The Five Elements for Life provides:

  • Detailed explanations of each number 1 through 4 and the five elements and their corresponding connections to your body, emotions, and mental states.

  • Not textbook phrases, but the tenets and protocols that have helped clients to release emotional and physical traumas by restoring the Five Elements through energy healing. 

  • Practical self-help exercises to integrate energy healing into our daily lives - Encourages readers to be bold and observant and to integrate their observations about Nature into their life model, creating a personalized guide.

  • A foundation for those who want to master the 5-element system.

  • Follow-up sessions and follow-on courses that provide a finer and deeper focus are available for the serious reader.


Getting to the Heart of the Matter Manual


The Getting to the Heart of the Matter manual familiarizes readers with Chakra, 5-Element and Tree of Life models of natural medicine. It includes detailed instructions to design solutions to life situations for self, clients, or family members.

Getting to the Heart of the Matter aims to familiarize readers with several models of natural medicine and how to apply these models to assess ourselves and design solutions to life’s problems. The shared techniques can be used with clients, families, or ourselves.

We are co-creators of our lives and environments. As such, the way we do things, the way we think, and what feels good and correct are heavily influenced by the people and environments we have been exposed to from birth until now.

What about other possibilities? Have we adopted the best patterns and processes? How can we evaluate our progress? How do we make systematic changes? Where do we start? We will begin to answer some of these questions.




Stephanie Mwangaza Brown

On a treatment morning, I can hardly wait to see my first client. Partnering with others to invoke the healing process is a blessing -- food for our souls. I believe deeply in the healing power in us and around us. Energetic Medicine gives us ways to access it. What a gift!

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